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Hair Cut Moment

I need to brag this out.  Nathan finally went to have his hair cut without crying his lungs out, wailing and struggle his might out of the barbers reach.  And I swear I was teary eyed when I saw that he let me stand and he sit alone at the high chair.  He even allows the barbers cloth around his body and he has a worried look on his face but the car that the barber’s son allowed him to carry is one of the big factors.  And also, the promise of ice cream and mall strolls helps a lot since I kept on telling him that before we go to the barber shop. But with all the previous hair cut that we’ve been through, no matter how I tell him that it’s okay, he freaks out with the sounds of the razor or the clicking of the scissors. 


But I guess, he’s a big boy now and he realized that the scissors or razor won’t hurt him.  I even asked our house keeper to go with us so she can help me hold Nathan just in case he’ll start throwing his best cry and struggle combination.  I just wish I have my cell phone with me to capture this special moment of my life.  We never stop praising him for a job well done.  And of course, we never forget to give him the ice cream we promised.  Best ever :)

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