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14 weeks

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I’m 14 weeks and 1 day today.  Time flies and there are lots of changes within me.  Mentally and physically, I’m a bit grumpy today, as one of my work colleagues told me yesterday.  I’m always sleepy and I want to sleep all day.  Though I know it maybe all natural because I’m pregnant but it left me feeling exhausted.   

As I browse the pictures of what 14 weeks baby looks like, I actually feeling quite emotional that my baby is that big now.  I’m excited now for the next ultrasound to know the gender but that will be on December or January next year, I guess.  But for now, I’m happy that I can now eat normally unlike on my first trimester that  I have to say no to many of my favorite foods before because I don’t feel I like to eat them.  My body weight drops which prompt my OB Gyne to asked me to resume drinking milk for pregnant women.  She stopped it because of some risk in my sugar level, but my glucose test result was normal so she said I should eat sweet foods with caution.   I think on my next check-up, my weight is much heavier now than my last.  And I wish my next FBS test is normal. Aja, aja!  :D

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