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Just as I wanted to help in packing for our great warehouse transfer , other works forbid me from doing it. But we promised to stay overnight to finish the job. I text hubby about it, and he never answer back.. hehehe ( sshhh... he'll gonna miss me tonight, that's why, lol!) But i think thats a better plan than going back here tomorrow.

It's the end of elementary students first periodical exams. And my nephews and nieces are happy about it. The catch is, i promised them that whoever will get a perfect score in their subjects will get a gift or treat from me. I remember i told Vince that if he gets a perfect score in his ten subjects, i'll buy him a PSP. But yesterday, he told his mother that how can he get a PSP from me if his subjects is only seven. Hehehe, clever boy! I only joked him about it coz PSP is way too expensive for a treat. But i'll reward him if he got a good grade on his exams.

I'm feeling lousy today. Looking back to those boxes and people come and go in front of me, i wanted to sleep. I just hope, i'll can be more of help than a menace.

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MiLeTTe said...

aba wala kang entry. ano yan busy busihan sa bagong opis? o wala pa kaung connection.