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A Treat

Well, this maybe our last week here our work place in Libis, QC. Our bosses are busy preparing for the transfers and for the skeletal schedule for this weekend. Sayang, its Quezon City day next week(Tuesday) and it should be a happy long weekend since Monday is also declared as special non working holiday. But i think they might ask us (the ladies) to help in the transfer, though i really wanted to skip and spent quality time at home.

Our team is planning to have some farewell feast this Friday and that is also a payday but i will be having a hard time getting their share since they don't have yet their money to give. I was touched by the gestures of the OJT's here giving us a Jollibee cheeseburger and coke for mirienda. It's their payday(allowance) time and they are not sure if they are also included in the transfer since they all have classes after here.

Well, Milet is right, I've seen our new place in Sucat and the place is a little bit smaller thaN what we have here now. Oh well, another adjustments and i'm hoping my boss will grant my request to transfer me also to a new work.

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