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At Home

While hubby is taking his well deserved rest at home, I always had this urge to take a leave of absence everyday so I can spent the day and rest with him.  I’ve been longing for that moment for so long but I can’t do that, I already used most of my vacation leave and I need to control it because we have some out of town plans for our wedding anniversary this October 16.  


And good thing he’s at home right now, he can concentrate on doing some man jobs like looking for someone who can clean our aircon which I think needs a major clean up because it didn’t give much of the cool my hubby wants every night. He kept on complaining on that before but now he has all the time in the world for that.


He also finds some time to clean his storage cabinet from all his electronic stash and he even upgraded our desktop PC/TV and good thing I can now watch freely on my favorite channels without going down in the living room.  We are both busy watching Merlin series and was about to finish the musical/comedy series Glee.  I love being at home :)


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