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Bye, bye, bye

My brother went back to Qatar today.  He spent the night to our house since his flight is 10am and he needs to be at the airport by 7am.  I was able to talk to him about our family and future plans.  And I suddenly felt right that moment that I missed talking to my only brother like that.  Like the way we used to be.  And I’m quite sad that he spent most of his time in his family in the province and wasn’t able to bond that much.  I guess that’s one thing you need to sacrifice when you already had your own family.  The time that you will be spending with them is really precious, like the light feeling of happiness you can never imagine. 


As I bid him good bye, I just sat in the dining chair and he went straight to me and give me a high five.  He said we will work together now because my youngest sister decided to leave our Laguna house and live in a condo in Paranaque.  My father doesn’t want to leave the house because he likes the place, and he’s old now and I am so sad with that drastic move of my sister.  So my brother told me that we share in the expenses of the house in Laguna while we are waiting for the turn over of the house he bought in Alabang so they can transfer there.  My sister wants to sell the house and there's nothing more to argue about it.  I just wish I can turn back the hands of time and make it right.   We just wish that everything will turn out right this time.

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