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Cross Roads

Hubby is in the cross roads right now. As I am telling you in my previous posts, he is always the victim of a highly sensationalized office politics. And believe it or not, they really wanted him down. Maybe because hubby's position now in their department is tempting. He got it when everybody wants to be in that job. And many people will surely let you down no matter what the consequences it might be.

I'm quite sad and I know hubby too, that his 11 years in that company will come to an end.  And that he needs to go because you can never work in a place where everyone's game is backstabbing.  But this was all be charge in his experience. And that he will learned from  it. Believing that not all those who smiles and sit besides you is your friend. You can never tell. This is one of  the biggest challenge in life that my hubby will face.  But he need not to worry,  i will always be there for him.

And when he start all over again. Who knows? It can be a start of something new and bigger than he expected. God is always watching, He knows.

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