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Hubby wants to practice his driving skills so he did all thedriving whenever we went to stroll elsewhere. Our company held our 1st general assembly for this year yesterday and I thought I can have a little coffee with my officemates after that. But hubby suddenly had an idea to go to Global City in Taguig and decided to pick me up after the event. It’s our first time going there with the car and hubby was lost because I have this trouble reading street signs and directions because I didn’t have my eyeglass with me. But we eventually reached Market! Market! and we safely parked our car.

As usual, Nathan had a blast walking around Bonifacio High Street. He doesn’t want to be held while walking and he loves to chase all the dogs walking around the area. I just can’t believe he’s growing that fast and smart too. It was another first for my mother in law too, who often told us she wants to see what Serendra looks like. I’m eyeing Serendra to celebrate Valentine’sDay but I think I have to surprise hubby with a buffet dinner in a hotel.

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