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Happy Birthday, Mama!

We celebrated our Mom’s birthday yesterday, her official birthday falls at weekdays so we all decided that we should celebrate it at weekend so we will all be complete and that no one can back out from the sharing we agreed amongst us (ha-ha!)
But Mom’s doesn’t want cake anymore, from all the cakes she tasted every single occasions in our family, so when she saw a cake, she automatically declines to eat it. We are thinking of what can we buy that we cans still put some candles on it. And then my officemate reminds me if I am still willing to buy Mom an enormous siopao I am asking him to buy for me long time ago, so basically, that solves my problem in the cake area because the siopao is so big as a cake!
My mom has an epic face when she saw her birthday siopao! She never thought we will still celebrate her birthday and she was so happy.  We just ordered her favourite foods and noodles and we all talked about that awesome siopao we just ate in one sitting.  But above all that, I saw that our Mom is happy that despite of us being that busy in our own lives, we still have time to be together on her special day.  Of course! We will give her the best, because she’s the world’s best MOM! Happy Birthday, Mama!!

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