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Ear Problems

Another year will pass and I another year will be added to my age but I never feel that old because I always thought that I am young at heart and that will remain forever ( ha-ha!) come on, this is my day and let me be with the wish. J

But actually, I was down again with my ear infection, I felt this since last week and I thought I can stop it by some medicines I used to take during those days.  But it persists last night and I had high fever and I asked for a traditional massage to soothe my aching body but to no avail, the pains was persistent and I don’t know what else to do.  I tried to ease the pain by putting hot compressed on it but it only last for some minutes and I told myself this is not good, oh my God; I’m going to get sick again on my birthday.  I’ve been like this every year and I can’t believe that it will ever happen to me all over again and this time, my ever dreading ear infection.

I don’t know why my ears are so sensitive to viruses, bacteria or whatever but no one in my family had this but me.  Not that I thought this is hereditary but why me? I really wanted to enjoy my leave vacation and now I am lying for hours in bed taking antibiotics and dropping some otic solutions 3x a day to my swelling ears, oh my! And mind you, I can’t hear that much.  Good thing I have my friends online who I can talk to and wishing me well.  Or else, I will be in my depressing mode again the whole day.  I hope it will be over soon.

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