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Mye Rainy Birthday!

I admit I was kind of depressed that my birthday falls in a no typhoon but with heavy rains that lasted for days that makes the Philippines capital and the nearby provinces in a virtual water world, again.  The heavy rains even surpassed the tragic event bought by a massive typhoon called Ondoy years ago.  So what makes it more depressing?  I am so sick and my ears are in pain, I have fever because of that and I can’t do anything except drink my medicines and watched TV (that makes me sick even more).  Hubby managed to call a noodle delivery for my pansit and yes, I slightly felt that oh, it’s my birthday! 

But my JaLec online friends whose not here in the Philippines surprises me with a dozen beautiful red roses with a cute teddy bear and a cake that was delivered by super dripping wet courier and I can only help them by giving them tip for a coffee to keep them warm.  But most of all, it was delivered on the time that I was chatting to them on the YM conference and I had a teary eyed knowing they did that even though we haven’t seen each other personally.  They even made a birthday video for me and sent it through my photobucket account.  I was so blessed with wonderful online friends and they bring out the sunshine in the gloomy weather of supposed to be my big day.  I can never thank them enough for that surprises and I owe it them for trusting me.  What a birthday! :)

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