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Moving Forward

My friend is worried on her upcoming written driving test next week.  She is currently so busy in school now and she is having doubts if she could pass the test on time so she won’t have a hard time commuting going to her school and then to her day shift job  and then back home.  So she has all the right reasons to get her driving license the soonest.  But she needs a guarantee that there will be no problem about it, her friend from work gave some advice to take the dmvcheatsheets driving test and it will guarantee her that she can sit back and relax that all will be well.  She’s having a tight schedules ahead now that the school year has started and she wanted to do it right the first time.

But she needs to prepare for and her friend recommends the interactive test drive to help her focus on the day of the exams.  But I know how she wanted this.  We always talked about it over the phone and we encouraged her that she can do it not only because she needed her driver’s license but we always believe she can make it.

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