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November Wish

I’ve been reading a lot from internet that once we change our month they are posting that it should be good to them.  Well it’s November now and I can feel the smell of Christmas at night.  I really and badly needed a drastic change in our life.  I still have lots of plans and it remains as it is because there’s no way I can begin with it.  I need a lot of strength, courage, patience, understanding, perseverance, positive attitude to move on.  I need them all with me now. 

November promises lots of hope and I wish and pray God will shower us with His blessings.  I need to be strong, I need to be brave and I need to stay on tracks.   But I am happy.  I’m happy that despite of all the challenges, I remained as I am.  And that alone should scare all the bad things away.  So November, please be good to me.

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