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Business plans

My family now venturing into food business and it is running smoothly and we are gaining regular customers as we are giving them the varieties of menu every day.  I told my sister to monitor all the expenses and we could start with just even a small profit as we are new in the business.  Actually, we are very happy with this new development as we are planning to do this for quite some time now.  The whole family participated and we keep helping each other to make it work.
I just talked as my cousin in the US who wants to make it big after her dad gave her a small fortune to start with her living.  She said her friend is helping her to venture into the stock market.  She doesn’t know how and when to start but at least she’s having an idea through stock market simulation game.  It helps her a lot and she’s getting all the ideas from there.  I keep on telling her to do it wisely and concentrate on her plans so she can prove to her family that she can make it on her own.  I just wish we can both become successful with what we are doing right now.

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