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Nathan is growing fast.  Some friends will sometimes asked how old is he and when I said he just turned two, they said he looks taller in his age.  Well, we noticed that too.  And just like the other children these days, he is quite smart and observes everything he finds interesting.  What we like in him is we have no hard time taking his pictures.  He loves to pose in front of the picture and whenever he’s crying, we just say, we will take his picture and he abruptly stop from crying.  We can bring him to the mall without having a hard time coping up with running skills, we will just call his name and he’ll stop and goes back to us. 

I can’t believe I’m looking with his handsome face every day knowing how God blessed us with this little angel.  Last night, we went to do some groceries and he saw these lanterns for sale.  He gamely posed for a few pictures and takes a look with his breath taking smile.  What an angel! ♥

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