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New Life

I always had a small talk with my friend who settles down in the US last year.  I got to know her when she had a short stint on the job training in our office but she went to Los Angeles to be with her parents and siblings before she even graduated.  She said she not comfortable alone and she misses her family so she decided to fly and be with them. 

Then after a while, we had a chance to talk about her life in the US and she said she has a part time job with their family friend business but she still hoping for much better job position in the future.  And she’s wants to start with finishing college first.  But she prefers the private home tutors more and her parents agreed to get one to help her.  I told her to do her best to finish her studies and I believe she can get through all that because she’s so positive in everything.  I am happy that she’s thinking forward despite of having a new life.  She really wanted to help her parents and she said she will make it good this time.  I couldn’t agree more.  

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