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First timer

My hubby was notified by his department head that he will have to visit their India office by next month.  We were so ecstatic by the good news because it was his first time in India and he heard so much about it from his team.  And as much as he wanted to prepare for this one in a lifetime travel opportunity, we think that we still have a lot to do because his surprise is he wanted us to travel with him.  Our baby Nathan shared our joy that night and he started to jump up and down from the bed. 

To begin with, we start looking for the place go in India.  His friend advised him to visit here so we can do what we want to do after my husband’s business trip and it will make all our travelling made easy.  Hubby wanted to extend our stay so we can have all the time to enjoy the beautiful places around.   We shouldn’t forget some of India travel tips being the first timer in that country.  I can’t contain being overjoyed with all our plans and our first time too with our baby Nathan.  I still have to prepare some documents and of course I have to save money.  I can’t wait for the day to come! 

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