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Good and Bad

I think April is not for me, well, for some reasons.  One, I lost my blackberry cell phone in the taxi on the way for my Mom’s monthly check up.  The taxi driver don’t care enough to answer my phone even though you can sing right through with a Nelly song. One thing for sure, I have my incoming call volume into the maximum mode.  So after an hour of my sisters and my hubby’s calling my number, he has the courage to take out my SIM card and so the end of my 6 month phone.

Second,   I lost my camera’s memory card.  And adding insult to the injury, I think my DSLR camera has a problem too.  It just made a slow and disappointing process on keeping its quality during my hubby’s birthday celebration yesterday and Nathan had a blast dancing a One Direction song in the living room.  Our relatives keep on clapping to encourage him to do more on his one man show.  And I recorded it all on my DSLR but then after I put it on my table to get the card reader, I forget about it for some reasons and then at night, it was all gone.    

It all happened just barely 2 weeks of April and I hope it will be the last.  Well, I still have some good news to tell you and that is my hubby’s birthday treat and our mini store is doing all fine.  I hope for more good news before the month ends.  I just keep on praying for that.  Aja, aja!

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