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April fool’s day

I had said before that March should bring me good luck and blessings.  But my father died last month, so I will never wish again for this month, I’m still at lost with what happened to my Papa.  I still want him to be with us, I wanted to do more.  But it’s all gone and I pray that he’s happy with God now.

After a long Lenten holiday, April 1 started with me waking up so early and tending to our kitchen while Nathan wake up on the wrong side of the bed, crying and calling me but when I will get him to get up, he’ll turn his back at me and wailed again.  Speaking of tantrums and hot weather, Nathan used that excuse to throw his temper.  He was clingy to me when we were in Ilocos Sur and that continues after we get home to Manila.  But that’s the life of a toddlers, we will get used to it in no time.

 First day of the week at work and we have to brave the hot weather just to have our lunch outside our office.  I lost another opps and this is the second time I forgot to check on my daily emails.  My mother will have her follow up check-up today and my eldest sister will also get the result of her mammogram in which she was dreaded to know the explanation from her OB Gyne.  It’s been troubling her over the weekend and tomorrow will be her judgement day.  I hope everything will be okay for both of them.  I don’t want to hear any sad news anymore.  

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