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Wish List

I had a casual talk with my husband last night regarding on when to replace our furniture. Some of them are getting old and it started to worn out that I feel that it’s not safe for our kid anymore.  Nathan keeps on jumping up and down at our sofa that you can now feel the spring on your skin when you sit down.  I wonder how long will it hold to Nathan’s newly found habit.  I still need another chair in our room because our child loves to sit down on the floor while watching TV and we need to teach him to sit on the chair instead. 
Judging on hubby’s classy style, he said he had an idea on what to buy for our room.  There’s one particular Barcelona chair that he really likes and he’s eyeing to buy it once he has my approval.  And looking at it, well, I think he’s right about it.  It will look good in our room.  And now we have to include it in our wish list for this year.  I need to keep track on our list so we will still be within our budget. But then again we have to prioritize some of Nathan’s basic needs first.

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