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I was craving for pizza yesterday and I kept looking at the web page of Pizza Hut when I came across their one particular pasta that really tastes good and delicious.  I love spaghetti and this includes all kinds of pasta dishes.

I called hubby and asked if there’s still pasta noodles left in our kitchen cabinet.  I let him check if there’s can of mushrooms I can use later. I know I  have good stocks of butter in the refrigerator since I usually bake some cupcakes out of the blue and butter is one of the main ingredients I can’t usually buy in the nearby stores.  

Why I need those for my pasta dish? I’m thinking that time to cook shrimp and mushroom spaghetti in butter garlic sauce like I usually ordered in Pizza Hut.  I simply love the taste.  So after work, I went to the wet market and I’m hoping there are shrimps that I could buy.  But lady luck was on my side, I was able to buy the fresh shrimps I needed and I did it!  Hubby said it tastes perfect though it’s my first time to cook it. 

He said I should try to cook different pasta dishes more ;) But i still want to eat pizza (ha-ha!)


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