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Ugly Truth

I believe there are 3 sides of the stories, your version, her/his version and the truth. But the end of it, we all know that God can only know the truth above all.

I learned to hold my feelings for someone whom you thought your friend and a buddy in some ways. When all I think is genuine concerns to them to stop holding grudges on some issues they're not even included, they fire back to me and made me the worst person ever walked on earth. I’ve been a good friend to them for years and I’d become frank and freely talked to them on some issues and yet all I got now is this.

I know now what to do. At some point, I’m glad that I found out that this is where you draw the lines, on yourself and on the others. That even if you gave your all, at one snap of a finger, it will goes down the drain. Good thing I always keep for myself. And this is one valuable lesson of surviving in this temporary life.

Happy Sunday! :)

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