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Moments with Mom

Mom came to our house yesterday unannounced.  I screamed Mom!!! from our room and asked her to go up.  I missed Mom. I was thinking that morning to call her so she can go with us in Quiapo.  But I guess we really had that strong bond together, she said after they ate lunch she suddenly thought of visiting me and she dressed up in a hurry.

Sometimes, I’m thinking if I am rich, I’ll tour Mama around the world.  She loves to travel and stroll (just like hubby) and I know it will make her very happy.  I just let her pick anything she wants at the accessories store in Quiapo, she’s fond on the crystal bracelets in different colors.  I think she’s collecting it.  Then she bought vegetables and fruits, too.

Heavy rains stop our strolling moments so we take a cab and went to Mall of Asia where we meet my mother in-law.  We ate dinner at the bay, and our first time at Presidents tea house.  After that, hubby and I watched the Evil Resident 4 and Mama with my in-law waited for the 50% sale of French Baker.  We just right on time after the movie and I go with Mama and choose whatever breads she wants.  I know she’s happy and I’m happy that I made my Mom happy. I hope to do that more often.  

Mom ordered this delicious foods herself :)

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