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Just around the corner

I know it’s too early to feel, imagine and plan for Christmas, but September 1 marks the start of the Yuletide season here in the Philippines.   People will always think of what will be their Christmas this year and how to spend it.  Children will think of gifts, new dresses, toys, and vacation.  And parents will think of the budget (ha-ha!) and how much all the expenses.  Indeed, December for some people means spending above their budget limits, to those who are working, means traffic.  And weekend means more people at the malls. 


I started to play some Christmas songs in the office.  My office mates all claimed that they felt Christmas is just around the corner.  They keep singing the songs, and I can only smile.


For me, there are so many things in my life that happened this year.  I really don’t want the year of the tiger.  It’s not for me. I can sense bad vibes celebrating my supposed to be my year.   But above all the challenges in my family, we moved on, we keep our faith to God and we believe in ourselves.  And I think that is what matters most.

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