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Moving On

There are things that happened for a reason.  And I as travel to work today, there are so many things that keep flashing on my mind.  But I knew that to be able to move on is not to dwell in the past.  You need to forgive your oppressors and forgive yourself for thinking against them just to get even.  

You never thought that the person who will betray you is the one you helped the most during the critical days in life of that person.  Who knew?  We never know unless it happens and you realized that all the things you worked hard for is not that worth anymore. 

As we take all the courage to stand up and prove them wrong, many will think otherwise. Suddenly you’ll stop because honestly, it doesn’t matter, the damage has been done.  

We just hope that amidst all these things, we will just keep the faith.  So heads up, look straight, and think of many wonderful things that will come your way because challenges will make you strong.  Remember, nothing is indispensable when it comes to this.  All we need to do is to believe in ourselves.  

Anyways, happy TGIF, blogger friends! ;)

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