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All for One

Ann was late on her get together party that was held in Max’s Restaurant last Saturday because she has a go-see for a TV commercial that day. We went on with the program and Jenny Kim, her friend in the Pinoy Big Brother house graced the show and she was very candid and fun to be with. 

I’m assigned in the registration area and I brought along Reine with me so she can help me bring those large plastics and boxes of cupcakes I needed in the party.  I was surprised that many came to the event and Ann is well loved by her supporters.  When Ann came with her pretty bunny outfit, everybody was ecstatic.  She knows how to make her fans happy and she made funny faces with Jenny.  The trivia questions games was quite a revelations to many.  I can see that everybody was excited with lots of foods, games and give away in store for them that day. I'm telling you, the attendees age ranges from 11years old to 40years old from all walks of life.

It’s so hard to organize an event like this where there are lots of pressures and last minute decisions but seeing how Ann cooperate with us and in making this day a memorable one, I can set aside my tired feelings and cant help but smile and enjoyed the rest of the night hanging out with them.

with my witchy hat

Reine and Ann

coordinators table :)

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