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Whole New World

I always dream of posting or writing a blog about our baby. But it took years to finally make this first post.  All I know is dreams do come true.  And I always believe that God will find the ways so we can have what we prayed for.  Carl Nathan came to our life just when we needed him most.  A bundle of joy, an angel to our family and most of all, he kept us together.  Everyone was ecstatic to meet him, everyone got a gift for him, and they keep on visiting our house just to see Nathan. 

I could not ask for more to have this moment.  Hubby and I just can’t get enough on what to buy or plan on what to do next.  But all I know is that this is the real feelings.  And I love how it feels  ;) 

Welcome to our family and to our world, Carl Nathan. Daddy and Mommy love you so much!

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About Me said...

Naka maternity leave ka na ba? di ka nag sasabi ha!