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Small Reunion

I’m so sick with my usual ear problem but I already agreed to join our high school small reunion with my class mates and I can’t say no to them just because I have this irritating ear issues. I just rest whole day and drink my medicines and i feel a little okay until I was picked up by my buddy Emylou and went off to Dampa in Paranaque.

We came early at the place and we proceed at the Shylin’s restaurant at the 2nd floor where we can sing our hearts out later. And one by one, I saw them coming, after so many years I came face to face with my friends in which I had a greatest experiences with during my high school days. They haven’t change a bit, same people I know and we talked about the life we had after our graduation. We had so much fun and I’m glad that I don’t let my painful ear change my plans of going out with them. Real friends will always be friends even through the years of not seeing each other. That night was so amazing I couldn’t help talking about it to my hubby. He’s happy that I got to see them too.

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