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First Month

It’s our baby’s first month! And we are so glad that he’s healthy and full of life and we surpassed his 4 vulnerable weeks. As new parents we relied on our parental instincts and some guides from the elders and with the use of Google search, we were able to take good care of Carl Nathan and he is such an angel. He seldom cries except if hungry or wet or with a poo-poo. And he brightens our day and he brings smile to everyone. My niece and nephew kept asking us when they can carry Nathan with them and I told them they have to wait for several months more.

We had a little celebration at home and family and friends came over. I bought a cake from Goldilocks and Nathan cooperates in the picture taking with his charming smile. I wish that he will always be healthy as he approaches his second month. We are so proud parents of Nathan ;)

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