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Some Good Things Never Last

It is my first time not to spend Halloween in Laguna.  Every year, we decorated our house in Laguna and beat the other houses for the scariest house award.  The kids had fun in the trick or treat, visiting every house asking for candies.  But it’s different this year.  We will not go there anymore or to celebrate New Year or just to feel cozy every weekend.  My youngest sister decided to put the house on sale and we can only sigh of cant-do-anything-about-it-anymore. 

Good thing my brother’s house in Alabang is in its finishing touches and the developer will turn over the documents and the house to my sister at the end of November.  We will have a new place to stay if we get bored in the city life. 

I can only remember all the good memories in that house.  I wish I am a millionaire so I can buy that house and continue the happy times with my family.  But I am not so I need to content myself of wishing that someday, I can have a house like that for my family.  Soon.

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