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Looking at Nathan now, I thank God that He let my son recovered quickly from the deadly Dengue and pneumonia disease. We have no idea how Nathan was able to get that but one thing I know, we are not safe from the disease carrying mosquito wherever we are. So we need to be very cautious in cleaning our environment and our home and don’t let any flying insects bite your precious child ever again.

Nathan still needs to continuously take his antibiotic for his pneumonia for the next five days and twice a day. After a week, a follow up check up is necessary before he gets his clean bill of health. I don’t want to go on that stressful stage again. My sister can’t even take Nathan’s crying when the doctors were having a hard time putting his IV fluid and she just run away from the room and asked a friend to talk to her on the phone or else she might have a heart attack. The pain and cries of Nathan every time they need to get a blood sample for CBC and platelets count were unbearable. I just wish I can lessen the pain and be the one to take it just to spare him from that dilemma.

But above all, I am so grateful to have my family and close friends beside us during that time. I couldn’t ask for more. I just wish our baby Nathan will never have to be in that situation again.

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