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♥ Our 7th Year ♥

This is the day that I said “I do” to the man who means the world to me. Who makes me feel I’m the most beautiful woman in the world (though sometimes I thought he’s annoyingly smiling, or maybe I’m not really buying the idea and called his statement absurd. But I love being with my husband, we argued on some things but that made us know more each day.

I will never say that we are a perfect couple. And everybody might agree on that. We do have some ups and downs in our relationship but you will be surprise on how we managed to overcome those problems. As years passed by, I can truly say that our faith and our love for each other made us stronger.

We celebrate by strolling in Makati malls and I bought him the Sketchers shoes he really wants to buy since last month. He’s been giving me all my wishes and I said it’s time to give one thing he loves most. Nathan came with us in Greenbelt and we went to the church. And that night is unreasonably hot and I am afraid that Nathan will feel uncomfortable and we won’t be able to finish the mass. But he’s really a good baby, he just stays in his stroller and I continuously fanned him to made him feel cooler and the children was blessed with holy water before the mass ended.

But going to greenbelt 5 to eat is another thing. He wants solid food and lack of sleep creeps in and he started to cry (though not that loud) and I said to hubby, time to pack up and we just take out the food in Chilis. Good thing we got a taxi cab right away and the moment we step inside the cab, Nathan feel asleep. We can only smile.

I feel so blessed that we will able to thank God for all the blessings. Having a wonderful and understanding man for 7 years are such a blessing any woman can ever asked for. Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary, honey Jhon and I love you forever.

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