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We are all worried when Nathan suddenly had a fever again. He was just so active a day before but when he slept last night, he cried and he seems having difficulty in breathing. I found out he has runny nose and it irritates him a lot. Good thing I have this nose pump I bought months ago and it helps keeping the mucus out from his nose. He sleeps between me and hubby and I was shocked when I wake up to feed him his milk and found out that he’s hot. And I almost cried when I checked that he has fever again. Oh, no!

It seems persistent till now and I already gave a heads up to my supervisor that I may not able to come to the office because I will have Nathan check by his Paediatrician tomorrow. We can’t just ignore those symptoms now that we should be all alert because of the bad weather these days. I am so thankful to God that he still kind of alert and he drinks a lot of water and he really wanted to eat but his bitter taste buds rejected the solid food. I pray that he will get well soon. We are so heartbroken hearing his cries and he seems in pain but we will go to the doctor and we will see our baby jumping and dancing and laughing again. Please help us to pray for my son’s speedy recovery. Thanks!

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