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Few days more and Nathan will turn one year old. We've been preparing his party for weeks now and I hope everything will turn out right. It will be an angry bird’s party and it will spell F-U-N! I’m also thinking of long vacation next week because of All Saints and Souls Day and just imagining a long day with my family makes me dream that every week should have a legal holiday (ha-ha!) it will be great and wonderful, right?

I still have few more things to buy so my hubby can settle to our games prizes and souvenirs because he believes that the more the merrier. So to pacify him and just to move on with other important things to do, I will go back to shop with angry birds items.

But above all, hubby and I are so excited for Nate’s big day. Looking at him today, I never thought he’s grown up now and we can always play with him, go out in the mall with him, buy things for him and everything about him. I told hubby I want to go to places with Nathan and appreciate all the good things we can give him while we can. God is good all the times.

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