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♥ Happy 1st Birthday, Nathan! ♥

It’s Nathan’s special day! And the weeks of preparations and planning paid off, it was such a successful Angry Birds birthday celebration held in Shakey’s.  Lots of children with their parents came to celebrate with us and Nathan was quite curious with what is going on but he eventually went with some of our guests to our surprise, he didn’t even cried or felt uneasy and he welcomes all picture-taking with the others.  We were so proud of him.

I thanked our family, relatives, officemates, best friends, friends and class mates for taking time to be with Nathan that day.  I’m quite worried that we will start the party late because of traffic and we have a 4-day long vacation.  But my reminders paid off, they came minutes before the party time and the kids enjoyed the games, even the oldies participated.


Nate’s birthday cake was a stand out and everyone enjoyed the cup cakes and candies and Nate loves all the gifts. Thank God for making Nate’s celebration a success, I wish You continue blessing him with good health and happy years ahead. 


Happy Birthday, Carl Nathan! Our baby joy :)

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