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Long Flight

Hubby and I are always fond of travelling.  Sometimes when he went abroad for some business trips, he wished I was with him so I can see the world with him.  I’ve been saving up for our family trips and now hubby is keen to push through with our long time plan.  Nathan is growing fast and can now appreciate everything around that amaze him.  So we thought it is the right time to go abroad and we will try to visits our relatives and friends.

So I need to look for good travel agents to help us on our needs because I don’t want to go to a certain place without even have knowledge about it.   We will be travelling with our kid and this should be a dream trip to all of us.  I am more excited by just thinking on the many places we can visit with my whole family on my side.  I shouldn’t forget the tips for going overseas that according to my friend who frequently travels abroad is a must.  I need to know more about travelling with kids to ensure their safety.  We will have to find the right moment to pack up and enjoy our ultimate trip this year.  

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