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Raffle Prizes

One thing I really like in attending parties is the raffle draws and game prizes. I love to bring the kid out of me and I participated in all the games I can join. Well, it’s fun to be like a child sometimes, no stress, no pressure, no inhibitions, and no reservations just being happy all the times. So during the party in Tin get together last week, I never knew I would be getting a box set of beauty products from a raffle draw, I’m thinking lady luck is nowhere when the cell phones and Starbucks gift certificates are being given away one by one, but just when I thought that I will be going home empty handed, Tin called my name and there it is, one of the few raffle prizes left.

Patience is really a virtue. But above all that, I can see that everyone went home after the party with the smile on their faces. It’s all worth it.

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