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Sing a long

It’s been so long that I haven’t been in a videoke night out.  My friend’s keeps on planning for our bonding time but our schedules never met and so we just keep on planning, different places, time and occasions.  So when we still have funds left and we decided to enjoy our time together, I immediately booked a reservation in Centerstage and told them, it’s now or never.  We decided to invite Tin and her family and good thing she has to attend the opening of a bar just a floor below our place and they came with her family and friends.

I’ve been in dentist that afternoon and I worried that I might end up just singing the song with them without any microphone.  But my love of singing urges me to try singing even a high note song and I passed the test of courage. Ha-ha! We ordered cocktail drinks and we chomps down pizza, barbeque, cheese sticks and onion rings.  We end the night talking over coffee and planning for the next night out.  It’s fun having your friends around you and having a good time once in a while.  It relieves the stress from your daily routine at the office. 

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