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Mom's Special Day

We celebrated Mother’s day at the newly opened Shakey’s restaurant in Paranaque with my hubby’s relatives. We missed my Mom who usually celebrates with us but can’t be with us that day because she need to rest after having a numb feeling on her feet because of high blood pressure.  We just went to their house and celebrate with her a day before their special day.  She looks happy and relaxes by just looking at her grandsons and granddaughters playing around the house.  I asked hubby if we can let Nathan sleep with them once a month aside from a whole day visits every week because I can feel that it is what makes my Mom so happy. 

As a mother like them now, I wish I can have their powers to raise my kid just like they raised us before.  I wanted to concentrate more with Nathan when he started to go to school but I hope we have enough savings by then, or I can go on some small time business while attending to my family needs.  I just wish my mother will stay longer with us so she can guide me with Nathan.  I am forever grateful with her for raising five of us without any nanny help or relatives by her side.  I can’t thank her enough and I wish I can give all she wants now.  I'm being sentimental right now :)

The dinner date with my hubby’s mom and relatives were quite fun with Nathan digging more on the mojo potatoes.  We hope we can go out together like this once again before the school year starts.

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David Pascht said...

Nice post !