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After of almost 1 month of preparations, we finally had our first get together party for Tin.  And all the hard works, patience and team work paid off because the results are awesome.  We had a blast that night and everybody is happy with all the raffle draw prizes and give away like button pins and Tin’s personalize mugs. 

I gave the credits to the admins of the group because despite of some brouhaha they still managed to have a party that Tin and her family really enjoyed.  I was so tired after the get together but was so happy knowing I shared it with them.  I’m not an old timer in that group but they asked for my help for my party contacts and catering and they are so thankful I helped them in that aspect.  I already told a friend that I can’t support that much because Nathan needs my full attention every weekend, but they said all I have to do is help them with their plans.  I’m so glad I met them, I have a new set of friends because of Tin.

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