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Healing Stage

We bump with an old friend last week.  No, he’s more than an old friend, we consider him like one of our family.  And things get rough and we parted ways not knowing what went wrong.  He’s closest to my hubby and he loves my parents so much and my nephew who he particularly raised for 6 years.  He never forgets.  When he meets my Mom and my sister the last time, he cried while reminiscing the old times.  He said he never wanted to go and distance himself to us, but he thinks it’s the right way so things won’t be that complicated anymore.

I keep on thinking on what happened, we really did bond with him not just on the things he could and he can give us.  He considers us his family because all his family and relatives are living abroad.  So when we parted our ways, it was so painful that he planned to dissolve his company and go back to the US and stay there forever.  He’s asking for a sign from God and then He gave him the sign and he aborted the plans.  When my hubby and I are talking last night about him, I felt the pain, I also felt that long time ago and I hate the feeling that it’s all going back as if the wound is still fresh.  I wish we could all back to good.  But I know I’m wishing for the impossible.  Things will never be the same again and I just pray that he’ll forgive and forgets.  If we can heal the wounds on his behalf, we would do it. May our God Lord help him to move on and heal his broken heart. 

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