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Wedding News

My cousin was ecstatic on the happy news that she and her boyfriend is finally engaged and that she called me on the wee hours of the morning just to tell me all about it.  I am so happy for her because they’ve been in a relationship for almost 3 years and everybody is quite anxious to see them walking down the aisle together.

So when she broke the news to us, everybody gets excited and starts planning for the big event.  Well, I told them they have to check the venue first and choose that is memorable to them.  They both weigh to consider some outside wedding venues.  Just like when we are planning for my wedding few years back, I carefully and meticulously choose the reception and the church that are conveniently located in a place not too far from each other.  

But my cousin told me that her future husband is considering an Estate Wedding and that too is on their plans.  I told them just to weigh all the pros and cons and they have to work together so to avoid the rush and the stress of planning.  I just want them to enjoy and feel the excitement as they move to the next chapter of their lives.

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