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Patience is a Virtue

Month of July! And we are few months away from the BER month again.  There were things that happened to us and to my family for the past 6 months and I am trying to make things easier for all of us, until now.  Well, my Dad will be celebrating his 75th year this July 12 and I can only wish we can all celebrate with him that day.

It’s not easy to be me – as the song goes.  I would like to think it's true.  I handled things differently and I know some people may not like or get used to it.  But inside this tough woman comes with a child that dreamt of having a wonderful life full of hearts and roses. Oh, I'm imagining things again. But you know sometimes, my fantasy runs wild and I regret not enhancing my chance and opportunity to be a romance novel writer.   This way I can channel my imaginations and put that on writings and I may get lots of money with it.  One day I will try to write again and let my friends know about it.

I wish I can turn back hands of time.  I might have another chance to right some things that may have gone wrong because I didn’t do my best and I didn’t think otherwise and intelligently.  But I always turn to God in case I don’t really know to deal with it. I always lay all my cards to Him. And I’m still waiting for His answers.  And I wanted Him to know, I never stop waiting.

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