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New Recipes

I know I’ve told everybody who knows me years ago that I’m happy and contented with my life that I ever forgot that I’m quite heavy for years now.  Well, I don’t want to call myself fat because I’m not.  I always thought that I’m not getting younger and that’s why my metabolism is not that fast anymore.  But the truth is I think it is something to do with the way I eat, my choice of foods and myself discipline.  No matter how I tried not to eat that much, I can’t stop the urge when I’m in front of the table and forget everything. 

So my hubby suggests that I should think about my heath right now.  I can’t take the risk of getting into trouble just because I am not eating the right food.  So he introduced me to his friend that is into slow carb recipes that makes wonder to her daily life now.  She’s urging me it to give it a try but she doesn’t know that it is part of my plan and I’m browsing the net to know more about it.  I just need to start it slowly and maybe I can replace our daily menu one at the time.  I know it will work for me. 

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