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After the Rain

Month of July is about to end and I’m expecting a lot this coming August.  Well, aside from the fact that it’s my birth month, I know it will be a very busy month for me.  Big events at work, social life, family, friends and acquaintances will make me busy and I’m hoping for a fruitful outcome.  I’m praying for hubby’s life changing decision at work.  I always told him that I’ll go wherever he wants to go.  I will always be his sidekick, his shoulder to lean on and a friend plus a wife to talk to.  If God gave him the sign and His blessings, I told him not to waste another opportunity and he should grasp it firmly in his hands. 

I’m so glad that my brother surpassed his challenges, too.  It was mind blowing for the whole family and I stop the urged to confront his wife when she leaves a message to my face book account asking for sympathy.  I love my brother but I told him that I need more time.  And he understands where I am coming from and he never pressed on the matter anymore.  He will always be the best brother in the world for me, no more whys and what. :D

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