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Can't Cry Hard Enough

My hubby had a perfect shot that day.  If it just another ordinary day or we are just vacationing elsewhere, it would be picture perfect.  Great day, good weather and we are far away from home.  But that perfect shot is from my father’s burial.  As we let those balloons up in the air and we cried for his soul to be with our Lord God, I know he’s free. 

It’s been 2 weeks now and I still cry on my sleep.  Sometimes, I feel that he’s still there in our house, waiting for us to visit them.   I feel sorry that it was not a good year for hubby and me last year.  I have so many plans for him but my hands are tied.  Instead, I make sure that we visit them every weekend to help my sister in her canteen business and Nathan will be there in the house entertaining them. 

I wrote something in the balloon I was holding before I release it.  I wrote there that Papa will be with God now and that he rest in peace and I love him very much.  I have so many I hopes and I wish in my mind but I know it makes no difference now.  I just pray that I hope he understands me and that I hope he feels that I love him. 

I love you, Papa.  May the Good Lord guide you in His arms.  Rest in Peace.

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