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Major Turn Around

There's lot of issues here in our office that needed a careful planning to come up with good decision in favor of everybody. Ever since we transfer here in our new place, one major impact was that the new location is somewhat "too far" for the majority of the staffs working here. Our workplaces were not ready on the time of our transfer and we suffered a lot when the A/C was only installed after 3 weeks.

I myself talked to my boss way before that i needed to be transfer to other position for the new loads in export are not meant for a female to handle. But i patiently waiting for him to seek out a male staff to replace me and hubby told me that i can resign once he got his promotion. I love to work, but the loads are out of bound. And everybody here knows that i need to rest so i can conceive. I am begging them to be put in a post not requiring too many physical works like I've been doing today.

I've heard that not only me are wanting to be transfer to other account or position. I noticed that our boss seems distress.. from client complains (work area, people, reports) to staffs clamor. So, I'll wait. And i hope it won't be too late.

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