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Wasted Time

Our system is down here in the office since 8am this morning. Our job here depends on our clients system and we know what will be the result of this... pending works, manual jobs and lots of idle time thinking how can you make yourself feasible. My hunches are right, i've been having a hard time dressing up early this morning going to work since its raining the whole night and still raining that morning and I know people are at their most laziest this time. I told my hubby I'm still sleepy and maybe i should take a leave. But i mean that halfhearted, of course, i need to go to work. But now, here i am, sitting on my superior's desk ( he's using DSL) the only one who has an internet connection. Just got lucky he's busy on some things and he's not using his pc (hehehehe...)
Maybe this system down will last till the end of the day. Our boss is trying to solve this issues. Till when? our network provider and our IT is always like this - so wrong.

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