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Reliable Companion

Hubby is in Mall of Asia now with the rest of his IT team for some "planning" session. Planning in the sense of bowling and billiards and dinner without their laptops out. Last night, when he showed me their full packed schedules this week (they have visitors from India) i'm amused with their boss pulling out some activities like this to let his men take a time off from such a stressful job.

With my hubby out, I'm here alone with our puppy, Chase. He has this habit that when I'm in front of my PC.. he runs around the room, pick up his dog house- tossed it up, pull out his blanket and bite it hard as if he wants to eat it too.. he growls a lot when he knows his doings didn't catch my attention. And when he's tired in mess
ing around, he jumps up in our bed, looked for something to play and chew..then slide down to rest and eventually sleep. That's our Chase. He loves to make us laugh showcasing his talents and he knows if ever I'm sad, he would lick my hand as if he's pacifying me.

And he likes to pose in front of my camera! Great dog isn't it? Take a look of his pictures.

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