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The news that China dairy products especially milk containing toxic substance ( industrial chemical Melamine) really gave us a scare. The whole family of my hubby is drinking coffee with milk and also my nephew Vince. Good thing Nestle Phils. cleared out that their milks are safe and they never import from China. Our brand is Nido and I am using coffeemate. They assured the public that their milk products are safe for consumption. Or else, I will be the one to sue them.. (hehehehe...)

With the rising victims up to 53,000 children affected by the toxic milk in China and now into their candies too ( like White Rabbit) i bet those Chinese candies being sold in the supermarket that people usually used in the trick or treat during Halloween season will be wasted and their sales will surely go down the drain. Singapore health authorities also found traces of melamine in China's products like yoghurt, confectionery such as chocolates, biscuits and sweets. And with the whole world banning all the milk products from China, this really will tarnish the reputation of the Chinese products.

I know there are lots of Chinese products being sold everywhere here in the Philippines, we should be extra careful in buying products in the local markets and groceries and should really check the labels. And we should not buy products that are packed without any labels and being sold in cheaper prices. There are various news here that students are hospitalized after eating puto (rice cakes) and a dessert called mais-con-yelo ( sweetend corn with crushed ice and milk). Maybe some ingredients used were expired or contaminated, we never know. We should not compromise the health of our loves ones. Remember, health is wealth =)

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